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Is The Lifestyle You Want For You And Your Family
Worth The Cost of 2 Venti Latte's?
Discover How Sticking To a Simple Plan and "Working It" Can Make All the Difference to Your Online Business .
Is The Lifestyle You Want For You And Your Family
Worth The Cost of 2 Latte's?
Discover How Sticking To a Simple Plan and "Working It" Can Make All the Difference to Your Online Business .
Are You Ready To "Work The Plan"?
Have you ever had one of those moments where you think to yourself “That’s it! I’m doing it! I’m gonna start my own online business!”...
I'll get right to the point here, I've created 60 Minute Masterclass with the specific aim of helping you achieve your online dreams.

With 60 Minute Masterclass every month, you'll get access to video's, research, PDF's, checklists, and webinars that focus on one important marketing skill.

You'll see just how people like you are using these skills to build incomes many can only dream of.

I'll show you just how they are doing it so that you can take their methods that are proven to work and replicate them.

You'll get everything you need to allow you to build a profitable online business.

Think of it as your Online Marketing Subscription Box delivered to your desktop packed full of goodies each month.
Are You Overwhelmed With All The Conflicting Information About Online Marketing?
Each month something new seems to be the flavor of the month.

Kindle books, E-commerce, Amazon FBA, membership sites and on and on.

All through the 12 years, I’ve been marketing online one thing has stayed constant. Create good quality sites and promote them properly and you will make money.

The problem is people start with good intentions but then the see someone talking about another method, loophole or ninja tactic and they try something else.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve seen abandoned sites that are weeks away from starting to generate a good income.

If you are tired of the constant must have products and methods promoted by the "GOOOROO'S" you have come to the right place.
What Can You Expect?
  • Each month I'll give you access to several hours  fluff free training.
  • Do you really need another 8-hour course that’s packed full of stuff you already know just so it looks like it offers amazing value?
  • The training, case studies and site analysis is designed to allow you to master a key skill that will allow your business to grow and earn you the income you want.
  • Whether it's SEO, Outreach, Youtube Marketing, Paid Traffic or building the perfect site. You can be sure that I’ll show you all the facts and techniques that matter.
  • You'll also be sure that if something changes I'll add the updates ASAP
  • You'll be getting the benefit of my 12 years marketing experience distilled into easily digestable training modules along with a monthly training webinar where we'll go into even more depth into the current topic.

James Thomson

Thanks, Mark
January's masterclass has been awesome. Over delivering as seems to be the norm for you.

Mark Anderson

I'm blown away by the level of detail in the first masterclass. I've seen less actionable content in $997 courses.
At $9.99 this IS a no brainer

Craig Connelly

I joined the 60 minute master class just yesterday as the $9.99 a month is a no brainer, and if you have have dealt with Mark Thompson previously you will understand what I mean.
Mark is a breath of fresh air in a crowded market and always delivers easy to follow, simple to implement strategies, which often include what i call “snippets of extreme value”.  
I learn something new on most videos he makes. Mark also helps me focus which is priceless. Can’t put a value on that.
Join this people, it will be the best money you will spend and much more value than the 2 cups of coffee it will cost you each month.
 Freedom Marketer
Your First Months Training
The $200k Masterplan
As a thank you for joinning 60 Minute Masterclass I am bringing you something special in your first months bundle.

The $200,000 Masterplan

You may well have seen various case studies in the past few months about sites that have built incomes of up to $80,000 a month in under 12 months with less than 12 articles on their sites.

The plan here is less ambitious.  To build a $250 a day income and then sell the site on for over $200,000.

Crazy? Not in the slightest, in the training, I provide plenty of examples of sites that have done exactly this.

You get videos covering the method, the setup, the content you’ll need, how to promote and monetize the site and I’ll analyze real sites which are killing it right now.

You’ll also get a checklist, PDF’s and various other reports on these sites.

You'll also get a replay of live training I did and a little bonus.

The best thing of all is these sites can be built without a big investment, simply a domain and hosting is all you need to start.

All that for less than 2 lattes!
This Special Offer Closes In:
60 Minute Masterclass that provides you with training and instruction in different areas of online marketing.  Each month is designed to give you all the skills needed to master one aspect on IM.

In addition to the training.. (ignore the 60 minute bit, every months module will be longer) I'll show you examples of sites that are using the methods and i'll run some tests so you can see how to implement the strategies.

This means that over time you'll learn all the skills you need to become a successful online marketer. 
Here’s what you get inside 60 Minute Masterclass
  • New Training Modules Each Month Everything you'll need to master one aspect of IM
  • Examples of successful online businesses dissected and analysed What better way to learn than to look at what successful marketers are doing.
  • Watch over my shoulder as I do implement parts of the training . Do you find it easier to learn by watching? I'll record myself implementing key aspects of the training 
  • The Webinars: Live Training Regular Live Webinars and Replays I hold regular webinars and all replays are posted in in the members area.
  • Copies of my research and analysis When I analyse other sites where practical I will include relevant spreadsheets and pdf's.
  • Stupid Simple Set Up and Execution I make each module as easy as possible, anyone with a basic knowledge should be able to implement all the steps
Why Should I Listen To You??

I Bet That's What You Are Asking...

My name is Mark Thompson (Not The American One!) I have been a full-time marketer for over 12 years. Ever since I gave up the rat race and moved to Spain.

I got fed up of missing my daughter's birthdays and school plays as I was usually trying to sort out someone else's major corporate screw up.

For 12 years I have researched, dissected and analyzed online marketing and I have come to one conclusion...

There are no loopholes, magic buttons or ninja tactics that give long term rewards.

What works is, keeping things simple and following a set plan.

I strongly Believe that it doesn't matter what you want you can achieve it if you apply yourself to it.

Seeing your family grow up.
Paying for a dream home.
Saving for your retirement
Supplementing your income
Buying your dream car
Taking the holiday of a lifetime
All of this is possible if you approach it in the right way and commit to achieving your goals.

Once I became on Online MarketerI never missed any more of my daughter's birthdays, I saw her every single day until she moved away to start her own life. Because of Internet marketing, I stopped being an absentee father and had the joyous (most of the time!) experience of watching a small girl become a confident woman.

There are many ways to reach your goals, some methods will suit you some won't. Step one is to come up with a plan and stick to it.

My philosophy is simple: create a simple online business that's easy to run, that generates income and don't chase every new shiny object that comes out.

If you’re ready to cut the stress and overwhelm that can creep up when trying to blindly build your online business…

If you’re itching to finally start to make money and shut up the nay sayers…

It’s time to stop winging it, kiss the guesswork goodbye and create a plan that works for YOU.

I’ll show you how to do this step-by-step inside Hive Marketing
Get High Quality Online Training Delivered Monthly 
The price goes up in...
Full Access to 60 Minute masterclass
Monthly payment.
  • Buy Now Before The Price Goes Up
  • Monthly Training Courses
  • Access to reports and analysis
  • Links to all tools & resources mentioned
  • 24/7 Email Support
  • Free Public Facebook Group
full Access to 60 minute masterclass
Annual Payment 
  • Buy Now Before The Price Goes Up
  • All Current Monthly Training Courses
  • Access to reports and analysis
  • Links to all tools & resources mentioned
  • 24/7 Email Support
  • Free Public Facebook Group
Engage Only
One time payment.
  • Save $50 now (sale ends soon)
  • Private Members Area
  • Every lesson inside ENGAGE
  • Links to all tools & resources mentioned
  • 24/7 Email Support
  • Free Public Facebook Group
screw u (GET IT ALL)
* Plus $169 join fee *
  • Premium Membership Community
  • Every lesson in the Engage course
  • Links to all tools and resources mentioned
  • 12 other training courses
    (over 100 hours of training)
  • Private members only forum & FB Group
  • Localized mastermind groups
  • Monthly Q & A Call with Jill & Josh
  • Monthly Hot Seats Call
    (4 members a month get to jam 1-on-1 with us!)
  • Monthly Strategy Sessions
    (see what is working right now in our business)
  • More Access To Jill & Josh
    (ask us questions any time)
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